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  • Printer Ribbon

    lasting excellent quality

    Thermal Transfer Ribbon Series

    Can be matched with a variety of labels, wristbands, food packaging thermal printing needs
    Widely used in industrial, retail, hospital, food production and other industries View the complete product

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    Thermal Transfer Ribbon Industrial Solutions

    Satisfied Business\Industrial\Medicine and various circumstances printing needs
    • Electromechanical and electronic

      Electronic device identification

      Recommended use: reinforced resin ribbon

      Print PET labels - alcohol, friction and solvent resistant

    • Banking

      Applicable scene ID card copy

      Recommended use: Enhanced mixed-base ribbon

      Applicable label: writing paper

      Features: Clear copying, friction resistance

    • Manufacturing Industry

      Applicable scene: confidential manufacturing of machinery, motor, etc

      Recommended use: wax based mixed base resin based

      Applicable labels: PET, coated paper, synthetic paper, certificate

      Features: Clear and durable printing, scratch resistant, alcohol resistant, solvent resistant

    • Logistics Industry

      Applicable scenes Product identification, inventory management

      Recommended use: enhanced wax base, mixed base, enhanced mixed base

      Applicable labels: coated paper, synthetic paper

      Features versatility, clear print, scratch resistance, sweat resistance, long lasting

    • Medicine Medicare / Hospital

      Applicable scenarios Drug management Patient bracelet Test identification Blood bank management Material management

      Recommended use: resin ribbon, reinforced resin ribbon

      Applicable labels: laminating label, synthetic paper, PET\PVC\PE\PP material

      Features: strong alcohol resistance, super scratch resistance, solvent resistance

    • Supermarket Super Market

      Applicable scene: price tag printing QR code, barcode printing

      Recommended use: wax-based mixed-base ribbon

      Applicable label: coated paper label

      Features: Clear print, scratch resistant

    • Tickets Tickets/Bills

      Applicable scene: various bills

      Recommended use: Reinforced wax-based mixed/reinforced mixed-base ribbon

      Applicable labels: coated paper, synthetic paper, tag

      Features: Clear print, scratch resistant

    • Food Packaging Food Packing

      Applicable scene: printing of medicines and food production dates

      Recommended use: coding tape TTO ribbon

      Applicable label: flexible packaging

      Features: clear writing, stable performance, scratch resistance

    • Clothing

      Applicable scene: clothing price tag, hanging plate, washing and printing

      Recommended use: Enhanced wax-based mixed-base ribbon Water-washed ribbon

      Applicable labels: tag synthetic paper nylon ribbon cloth standard chemical fiber

      Features: Clear print, strong scratch-resistant / washable, can withstand 130 degrees high temperature

    Company Introduction

    about us

    Our company was founded in 1993, specializing in printer consumables manufacturing. We are one of the drafters of Chinese national printer ribbon standard(GB/T4313-2014). Our final customers are banks, hospitals, government offices, oil companies, large manufacture enterprises,supermarkets, insurance companies, telecom and individual users that have high requirement in printing.

    We are a technological enterprise involving R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. In order to sustain competitive edge and ensure each product is reliable, our company has imported uninked nylon ribbon...

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    Our clients

    Our clients
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